Nostalgia Title

Featuring DOS based games and utilities that some may
describe as "digital antiques". You'll want to check in
often, as software will rotate occasionally in the "DOS
Games" and "DOS Utilities" sections.

     1. DOS Games
          a. 1989's Kingdom of Kroz
          b. 1990's Return to Kroz
          c. 1990's The Wall
          d. 1991's Pyro
          e. 1992's Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
          f. 1993's Hexxagon
          g. 1993's Epic Pinball
          h. 1994's Jill of the Jungle Episode 1
          i. 1995's Solitaire Suite 1.12
2. DOS Utilities
          a. 1989's Directory Enhancer
          b. Scroll-it Version 1.8
          c. Quick Filer

Be sure not to miss the documentation to some of these
programs which can often be as entertaining as playing
the actual game or using the actual utility.

DOS Games

Kingdom of Kroz Screen Shot
Kingdom of Kroz

Copyright 1989 Apogee Software Productions
In 1988, Kingdom of Kroz won a national programming contest
as "Best Game".  It's a combination of arcade action, strategy, and
adventure.  As the intrepid explorer, you will venture through 25
unique levels (screens) of treasures and perils.  Each level is
patrolled by as many as 1000 creatures out for your blood!  To
run the program, enter KINGDOM at the DOS prompt. 


Return to Kroz Screen Shot
Return to Kroz

Your quest for the "Crown of Kroz" is the first game in the Kroz
sequel trilogy.  16-color graphics (yes, 16 colors!) and a super
sound effects library.  Collect gems, whips, chests, nuggets,
tablets, keys and scrolls to aid your progress.  These game are as
much strategic as they are pure arcade fun.


The Wall Screen Shot
The Wall

This game is VERY addictive!  It may look simple, but requires
a keen eye and great thinking.
115KB in all.


Pyro Screen Shot

You are a world terrorist armed with gasoline, and fire.  Very
simple, yet fun and addictive.


Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure 
APOGEE! ALL-NEW, Mar. 1992.
SUPERB EGA/VGA graphics.  Full-screen wide adventure/action
with more SUPERIOR graphics than our Duke Nukum game.
Show-stopping animation! FIRST EVER IBM PC GAME WITH
Cosmo rescue his parents on a peril-packed planet! 
80286+ required!



The Animated Strategy Game from Software
Creations & Argo Games.  Immerse yourself in one of the most
enjoyable and richly crafted games to date. Over a MEG of
animated 256 color VGA graphics & digital sound make this
game an instant classic! One-on-one or play vs. computer.
Requires: VGA, 286 or above. Sound Blaster support.


Epic Pinball
Brings true arcade-style pinball to life on your PC! With 256-color
scrolling graphics, digital music and sound for SB/Pro/Gravis.
Contains the ultra-hot pinball table ANDROID with all the shots,
sounds, action, and excitement of the real thing! Shareware from
Epic MegaGames, creators of the record breaking commercial
pinball game Silverball.


Jill of the Jungle
A fantastic new 256-color scrolling arcade adventure, supports
VGA/EGA/CGA/Jys, Sound Blaster. HOT! Epic MegaGames brings
you a new era in gaming with this immense 16-level world featuring
Super Nintendo-quality animation, effects and sound track.


Solitaire Suite

SOLITAIRE SUITE 1.12 is the premier shareware solitaire
collection, featuring 7 of the very best solitaire card games, each
with a smooth and elegant graphical user interface.  Includes
Calculation, Concentration, Idiot's Delight, Midnight Oil, Monte
Carlo, Osmosis, and Royal Cotillion.  Requires EGA or VGA
and a mouse.

Featured DOS Utilities

Directory Enhancer
Directory Enhancer is designed to make MS-DOS more
"user friendly".  It does this by adding color to the otherwise bland 
DOS screen, highlighting files and directories, so you can quickly
find the files you are looking for.  It also shows the total size of all
files in the directory.

Directory Enhancer is a TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident)
program, meaning you run it once, usually in your "autoexec.bat",
and it remains active until you shut the machine off, reboot, or tell 
Directory Enhancer to remove itself from memory.

Directory Enhancer takes only 1.3k of your precious 640k, so
other programs won't even know it's there.  It can also safely be
loaded into high memory with programs like QEMM and 386max.


Scroll-it v1.8
DOS Screen Scroll back utility.  A 9k TSR that captures lines of
text that scroll off the top of the video screen and stores them in
compressed form in an EMS, XMS or conventional memory buffer.
Scroll back line by line or page by page. Has fast search capability
as well as a block-write feature that allows your to mark a block of
lines for writing to a file or sending to your printer.  Well worth the
download even in 1999!

Quick Filer (Version 3.2)
QFILER is designed to make management of your hard disk files
much easier. Two different, sorted directories are displayed
side-by-side, allowing you to select both individual files and groups
of files for QFILER to act on.

Qfiler can easily:
- Copy and delete files.
- Find a file on any drive, in any directory.
- Rename files and directories.
- View the contents of files.
- Move files from one directory to another.
- Add and delete subdirectories.
- Run other programs from within QFILER.
- Display files in sorted order.
- Define a file mask to display only certain files.
- Backup files.
- Print a hard copy of a sorted directory.

Many of the tasks listed can be performed from the DOS command
prompt. However, with QFILER's dual directory display, file- and
disk-management tasks become much easier and more intuitive.