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Lenz's Law Zero Gravity Experiment as seen in Episode 1
Season 5 of Do Try This at Home!
Episode 1 Experiment Kit

Do NOT order if you are outside of the Continental United States - you will NOT receive it.

Kit Includes:

Aluminum Channel
Neodymium Magnet
Safety Caps

Please Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery

NO SALES to anyone OUTSIDE of the Continental U.S.
due to customs.

These items are made at the time of purchase so that when you get them, they are as fresh as a daisy!
Some items take longer than others to produce, so I simply selected
the longest production / shipping time for all of the items, i.e. the worst case scenario.

In reality, most items should arrive in less time than the shipping times listed above.

Thank You for your patronage and Do Try This at Home!

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