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Mr. G answers your most often asked questions!!!

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Mr. G answers your most commonly asked questions
and some other questions and comments I just have
to bring to light...

Common Questions

MatchesQ: Where can I get strike anywhere matches?

A: Right here or most larger grocery store chains also carry them.


ChemicalsQ: Where can I get common chemicals for my experiments?

A: Here, here, here, or here.


MusicQ: Will you write me a theme song?

A: It might seem mean, but my free time is VERY limited, and I treasure it.  I can point
you to sites that will help you learn to write your own songs, but I'm very sorry to say
that I cannot write music for other people to use in their projects.


Q: Can you make a video about making something explode?

A: Sorry, but even I have a limit as to what I feel is appropriate to show someone
how to do.  Some of my experiments have a slight element of danger, but
explosives are best LEFT ALONE.


Q: Will you subscribe to me?

A: If you create a video that I truly enjoy, I will.  I do not subscribe to others just
because I'm asked to.  It would NOT be fair to all those creative minds out
there if I just subscribed to everyone who asks me to.

Some of the most obvious questions...
I don't really need to answer these, do I?

These are asked after almost all "Quick and Healthy with Mr. G" videos
I release...
Q: Did you lose weight?

Q: How did you lose so much weight, did you change what you are eating?

Here's a good one...
Q: I live nearby, can we hang out? or Can I be in your videos as a sidekick?
I will actually address this.  If we ever meet and hit it off, sure, we can be friends.
Will I put you in my videos?  No, I cannot do that.  I occasionally put family members
in, but even that is rare.  I simply prefer to work alone.

And the winner of the strangest comment I've ever read goes to...

Comment:  I watched all of your videos, and you never invited me to be a
friend.  Why didn't you invite me?  I'm going to unsubscribe.

This was by far the most comical thing I've ever received, but it was actually written
like this...

"I wacht all of u vidos and u enver invited me to be ur frend. ima unsub you now.  !@%# U!"

...the swear word was actually spelled out in the original though.  Too FUNNY!


More to come!

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